DIY Shabby Cottage Breakfast Bed Tray
DIY Shabby Cottage Breakfast Bed Tray
DIY Shabby Cottage Breakfast Bed Tray

Wood Tray
Wood Legs [available at Home Improvement Shops]
Clear Drying Craft Glue or Decoupage Medium
Wood Glue
E6000 or Household Goop Glue
Gift Wrap or Decorative Paper of Choice
4 Decorative Buttons
8 Corner Filigrees
4 Long Screws
Wood Screw Caps [sized to cover screws]
White Paint
Clear Polyurethane
220 Grit Sandpaper  

How to:

If your wood legs have screws at the top center, remove the screws with a pair of pliers. You will not use these
screws. You will now have a hole at the top of the leg that needs to be filled. These can be filled either with a
dowel or a wood filler. If filling with a dowel, you may need to drill the hole a little larger. Be sure that your dowel
is secured well with wood glue.

Sand all wood pieces to remove rough finishes. Wipe away dust with damp cloth. Paint all wood pieces white and
allow to dry. You may need several coats of paint for complete coverage. Be sure to allow each coat of paint to
dry before applying the next.

Apply wood glue to the top of each leg and place one at each corner at the bottom outside of your tray. Insert a
screw through the bottom inside base of tray going into the center of leg. This is not absolutely necessary, but
the glue may not be enough to hold the legs securely in place. You will cover these screws later.

Measure the inside bottom of your tray and cut a piece of gift wrap or decorative paper to the measurement. If
using craft glue instead of decoupage medium, mix 2 parts water to one part glue and brush over entire inside
bottom of the tray. Place your sheet of paper in a tub of water to relax the paper. The paper will curl at first and
then lay flat. Papers differ, so be careful not to completely saturate your paper with water, but simply relax the
paper slightly.

Place your paper over the glue [right side up] and using either your fingers or a brush, apply an even coat of
diluted glue or decoupage medium to cover all of the paper while pressing out any air bubbles. Press the paper
onto the screw tops, allowing the paper to tear slightly around the screw. This will be covered by the wood caps.
Allow the glue to dry completely.

Using wood glue, glue your painted wood screw caps over each screw head. Allow the glue to dry.

Apply several coats of clear polyurethane to entire tray, including papered area and legs. If you want your tray
to withstand a great deal of use, be sure to apply at least 3 coats of polyurethane, allowing each coat to dry
before applying the next.

With E6000 or Goop [or glue suitable to adhere your buttons and filigrees] glue corner filigrees to each of 4
corners, with two on each corner side panel of the tray[total of eight]. Cut the back loop off of your decorative
button [wire cutters will work] and glue to the side panel centers [4 in total]. Set aside to dry.
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Shabby Cottage Breakfast Tray
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