DIY Canning/Mason Jar Pumpkin Lights

Preserving Jar, Recycled Jar
Orange & Black Paint (acrylic enamel or glass paint)
Set of 20 Mini Lights [incandescent or LED]
Snips to cut jar lid, drill or punch if using 1 part lid
Green acrylic paint for metal
leaves (faux or natural) or other ornamental embellishments of choice
Wood Piece for Lid Handle ( I used medium size wood candle cup)
Sea Sponge
Tacky Glue

How to:
DIY Canning/Mason Jar Pumpkin Lights
Use a sea sponge and apply paint by gently patting on orange paint
over the entire outside of the jar. Using a sponge leaves a nice finish
when the jar is illuminated. Allow the paint to dry and follow paint
manufacturer instructions, if heat setting the paint is required.
DIY Canning/Mason Jar Pumpkin Lights
Punch a hole (if using a regular jar) large enough to accommodate the light
cord. Or, cut a hole large enough to accommodate the light cord if using a 2
part canning jar lid set (see diagram at right). Once you have your opening
cut, either file the cut edges or coat with a silicone or glue to clean the sharp
edges of metal. Paint your lid and wooden handle with green paint and set
aside to dry.
To add a little extra to your design, paint fine lines with black paint around the
jar (see photo at top for detail). Tacky glue your candle cup (handle) to the lid
as shown Now go back to your painted jar and paint a face with black paint, see
samples to the left. Insert set of string lights and arrange the lights so that the
lights themselves are resting against the glass. This will add much more sparkle
to your lanterns when illuminated.
DIY Canning/Mason Jar Pumpkin Lights
DIY Canning/Mason Jar Pumpkin Lights
DIY Canning/Mason Jar Pumpkin Lights
Nothing says Halloween and Thanksgiving like pumpkin Jack-O-Lanterns! These fun and easy to make pumpkins are
made using an old canning or Mason jar and a little paint... tuck in a few mini lights and they will light up any pathway
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Canning Jar Pumpkin Lights
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