DIY - Vintage Decoupage Cigar Box Purse

Cigar Box [Wood or Cardboard Box]
Fine Sandpaper
Masking Tape
Craft Paint
Sponge or Lint Free Cloth
Beaded Purse Handle [Or other handle of choice]
Fabric Scraps of choice
Quilt batting
Plastic Canvas or Cardboard
Small latch and hinges [suitable to box size]
Craft Glue
Hot Glue

How to:

First, I'll begin with finding a box for this project. My purse started with a wooden box that I purchased at a local Dollar Store for
just $1. Plain boxes are readily available at Craft Shops and Discount Shops. To make this project a whole bunch easier,
ready made unfinished wood cigar boxes can be found at larger Craft Shops.

Start by gently sanding your box to a smooth finish. Wipe away dust. Paint your box inside and out with your paint color of
choice [I used Light Antique White]. Allow the paint to dry completely. Apply as many coats as necessary.

Add a strip of masking tape to all four edges of the top of the box [it's a good idea to use a low tac tape for this project]. About
1/2 inch from the inside edges. This will form a border to add the center design on the top of the box. Using another paint color
[I used Soft Pink], dip your damp sponge or cloth into the paint, dab off excess onto a sheet of paper or paper towel and gently
pat the paint onto the top center within the masked area. Leave a little of the under color showing throw the paint. This makes
for a nice contrast, while blending both colors together beautifully.

Allow this paint to dry completely. Remove masking tape. For the box front/top, I used a pretty cherub sticker and then created
a border of sticker roses. On the back of my box, I photocopied an antique postcard, increased the size to fit my box and then
traced the design onto the box using Graphite paper. Then, with a fine liner paint brush, I painted the design with a dark grey
paint and added a few more stickers. For the back of your box, you can do as I did or perhaps make it the same as the top,
add different stickers or paint a different color. Use your imagination for this.

Once you have all your stickers attached and painting done, Apply at least 2 coats of Polyurethane to protect both the paint
and to seal the stickers. This not only helps to seal the stickers, but also smooths out rough edges around the stickers. The
polyurethane most importantly helps to prevent your box from future damage too.

I have provided several photos for you to help with finishing this box. Please refer to them to help clarify my instructions.

Measure the inside of your box at the top and bottom. Cut a piece of cardboard to fit the top and bottom of the inside of your
box. Cut quilt batting to fit one side of each card board piece. Cut fabric to cover one side of your cardboard pieces with about
an extra inch added to the fabric size to wrap around. Place a piece of your cut quilt batting on top of your cardboard, place a
piece of fabric on top of the batting and wrap around to the back and glue to the cardboard back. Tack the fabric with a little
hot glue. Be careful not to use too much glue as it will cause a lump in your finished lining.

To attach your handles, use a long strand of ribbon attached to the handle 'd' ring or hook and loop, Use a double length of
ribbon that reaches from the front of the box to the back. Glue this down to the inside bottom of the box, extending the ribbon
all the way across the box bottom. Secure all of the ribbon strand with hot glue. Once the hot glue is dry, run a stream of craft
glue [white glue] across the ribbon strands and cover the entire box bottom and top inside with this glue. Place your finished
fabric covered cardboard pieces in place and use a small book to weigh these pieces down while the glue dries. If needed a
few drops of hot glue can be added at the corners to hold it securely while the white glue dries.

Several photos have been included with this project to help you understand the assembly. Please refer to them often.

Finish your box by adding hinges to the back and a lock clasp to the front. Have fun with thee and be creative in how you
decorate them. They are great little boxes to for display or use them as a unique purse.
DIY - Vintage Decoupage Cigar Box Purse
DIY - Vintage Decoupage Cigar Box Purse
DIY - Vintage Decoupage Cigar Box Purse
DIY - Vintage Decoupage Cigar Box Purse
DIY - Vintage Decoupage Cigar Box Purse
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Vintage Cigar Box Purse
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