DIY-Clay Pot Garden Angel
DIY-Clay Pot Garden Angel
DIY-Clay Pot Garden Angel

4 Clay pots (choice of size - 1 large, 1 medium and 2 small)
3 Grapevine wreaths; one for halo and 2 for wings
(size should be the same size as your wood ball)
Spanish moss
Sheet Moss
Miscellaneous Floral Embellishments
Mini watering can
2 Wood Shaker Pegs or similar pieces for arms.
1 wood ball for face
Household or Crafter's Goop Glue
(E6000 or other silicone based glue is fine)
Hot glue
String, jute or other small rope

How to:

You will need the photo to complete this project. Refer to the photo often for placement.

Grapevine wreaths are usually round. For the wings, you will need to shape these in an oval shape. This will allow them to extend
out from behind your angel. Shape 2 of your wreaths by soaking in warm water until they are completely saturated and gently
bend to an oval shape. Wrap rubber bands or string around the wreath to hold the oval shape and allow them to dry completely.
If your wreath that will be used as a halo is not perfectly round, you can soak this wreath in water as well and place over a round
mould, such as a drinking glass and allow the wreath to dry.

While your wreaths are drying, glue (Household Goop) your medium pot to the large pot. Glue the medium pot, centre on the
bottom of the large pot. Place a strand of string across the bottom of the medium pot (centered), allowing enough excess string
to fit through the small clay pots with a few inches more (this will help to support the arms). Glue the wood ball on top of the string
and allow the glue to dry completely before handling.

Feed the string on one side through one small clay pot and hot glue the clay pot in place on the medium clay pot. Repeat this for
the second arm. This helps secure the arms (should the hot glue release from the clay), hot glue the wooden spindle to the
inside of the small clay pot, making sure the string is glued to both the wood piece and the clay pot at the inside bottom of the
small clay pot.

Referring to the photo cut a piece of sheet moss to form her apron. This piece of moss will extend up and over the bottom of the
large pot, and ending just below the bottom of the medium pot. For the apron straps, cut 2 teeny pieces of moss and glue in
place. Hot glue the sheet moss in place, making sure you apply plenty of glue to the back area of the sheet moss. Don't worry if
you moss pieces are too small. They be pieced together without anyone every noticing.

Hot glue a little Spanish moss to the top of the wooden ball for hair. Hot Glue embellishments to the wreath (halo). I used small
flowers, leaves and a small bird. Glue the halo to the angel's head.

Hot glue wings [grapevine wreaths] to her waist area at the back. Glue a watering can to the large clay pot and to the end of her
arm. I used a little copper wire to secure the watering can to her hand as well as glue.

Tie a small bouquet of flowers together and glue the bouquet to the large clay pot and wrap a tie around her hand to help keep
the bouquet from falling. Glue 2 little buttons or teeny ribbon roses at the bottom of the apron straps and any other
embellishments you would like to add. The little heart on her chest is simply a plastic button. You could add a little sign post that
reads "Bless this Garden" or something similar. For her pocket, I've glued a small wooden half flower pot.

To paint her face, you can use markers, pencils, paint or any similar item. I used oil pencil crayons and simply drew lines to
create her eyes and mouth. Her nose is a little "U" shape and a little red is added for her cheeks. You don't need a face painted,
but she looks much prettier with a face.

For any painted parts, be sure to apply varnish or polyurethane to protect against moisture. Give the Sheet moss a little spray of
water to keep it nice and green and you are all done.
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Clay Pot Garden Angel
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