DIY - Faux Snowball Ornaments
DIY - Faux Snowball Ornaments

Styrofoam ball [I used a 3 inch]
Faux or Fake Snow Flakes
Clear drying white craft glue
Ornament finial
Wooden skewer [any object to poke hole through Styrofoam]
Hot glue

How to:

Begin by poking a long wooden skewer through the Styrofoam ball about an inch or so. Just enough so that it won't fall out
when holding the skewer. This skewer will be your handle while you apply the snowflakes and glue.

Apply glue to the entire ball with your fingers or a brush. Don't worry about being neat and tidy. Either dip your glued ball into
the faux snow flakes or roll in a dish filled with the flakes. Pat the flakes down gently onto the ball and set aside to dry. I like to
place the skewer inside a glass with the ball facing up until they are dry.

Once dry, remove the skewer. Feed a finial over the hanger [loop of cording] and hot glue in place in the same hole that you
removed the skewer. Refer to the photo.

These really are easy and with the beautiful glittering faux snow available. You can make a bunch of these with all different
types of faux snow and different sizes too.
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Faux Snow Snowballs
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