Infants clothing or doll clothes (24 months or a bit larger)
Lace trim
Stuffing (Fibrefill or other medium)
Hot Glue and sticks
Twist ties or wire

How to:

These little broom babies can be created, in a very short time. Referring to the photo for placement, begin by separating the
broom bottom (into two equal sections), to form legs for the little girl. Glue a piece of lace around each leg to act as a petticoat
or slip. For the little boy, separate the broom into 2 equal sections and pull cover alls over the separated sections (see photo).

Dress you broom with infant clothes by pulling the clothes over the broom. I purchased clothing at our local thrift shop. Stuff
your clothes with fibrefill or any stuffing of choice. Using twist ties or wire, secure a hat for each baby and secure clothes
wherever necessary using twist ties. You may also use hot glue for securing cloths, but hot glue doesn't work well when
exposed to outdoor weather.

The arms are raised and secured to the top of the broom handle using wire. The hat will cover, where the hands meet at the
broom handle top. To stand these babies in your garden, use bamboo sticks that are fed up through the centre of your baby
and secure with wire. Leave enough bamboo to insert into the ground and these will stand freely. You can use any sort of
stake to hold these babies upright. If you decide to use your own child's clothing on these dolls and place them outside, you
risk damaging the clothing, so be sure to use clothing that you don't mind throwing away.

You can also purchase smaller or larger brooms to make the children and by using very large and much smaller brooms, you
can create a whole family of Brooms.
DIY - Straw Broom Garden Broom Babies
DIY - Straw Broom Garden Broom Babies
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Garden Broom Baby Dolls
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