DIY - Homemade Lavender Filled Stocking Ornament
DIY - Homemade Lavender Filled Stocking Ornament
DIY - Homemade Lavender Filled Stocking Ornament
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3. On the right side of your stocking
front, stitch a row very close to the
seam edge, sewing through your
stocking front and seam allowances.

Fabric Scraps of Choice [cotton or other natural fibre recommended]
Coordinating Thread
22 inch long by 3/8 inch wide ribbon
Pattern Pieces and Diagrams Provided Below
Fibre Fill or batting for stuffing
Fusible Interfacing [optional, required for lightweight or open weave fabrics]
Lavender Buds or Potpourri of Choice

How to:

These stockings are quite easy to make and can be completed by hand, if you do not have a sewing machine. Begin by cutting
all pattern pieces. Follow the lay out direction noted on each pattern piece. Failing to place the pattern pieces as instructed,
may result in the pieced sections not matching up, when you sew them together.  For my stockings I have chosen to use a
pretty pink rose barkcloth and scrap pieces of vintage chenille.

If you are using a lightweight or open weave fabric, you may need to line the fabric to prevent any of the buds from coming
through the fabric. A lightweight interfacing fused to the backing of each fabric piece will work perfectly. Follow the
manufacturer's instruction for fusing interfacing to fabric.

I have indicated the sewing line with a broken line marking on each pattern piece in order to aid you in joining the stocking
front pieces together. A 1/4 inch seam allowance is used for the entire construction of this stocking.
1. Sew the stocking cuff to the stocking center
along the marked stitching lines. Sew the
stocking toe to stocking center along the
marked stitching lines.
2. Press top seam toward cuff
and lower seam toward toe.
4. Sew completed stocking front to stocking back, with the right sides
together, leaving the stocking top open. Turn your stocking right side out.

Turn top of stocking under [wrong sides together] along the hem line as
indicated on pattern pieces and press in place. Tuck a little fibre fill into the
toe and heel of the stocking and fill the remainder of the stocking firmly with
lavender buds or potpourri of choice. Leave enough room at the top, to
comfortably stitch the top closed.

Once you have your stocking filled, hand sew the top opening closed along
the pressed hem line.

Fold your piece of ribbon in half lengthwise, forming a loop at one end.
Measure about 3 inches down from the loop and sew your ribbon to the front
back corner of the stocking. The loop creates your hanger and the extra
dangling ribbon is tied into a bow.

That's all there is to making these charming little stockings!
Lavender Sachet Stocking Ornaments
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