DIY - Mason Jar Snowman A Glo Lamp Light
DIY - Mason Jar Snowman A Glo Lamp Light

1 Litre Mason Jar with 2 piece snap lid
Apple Barrel Gloss Paint:
Real Red
Real Blue
DecoArt No-Prep Metal Paint:
Black Coal
Set of 20 mini lights
Metal snips to cut jar lid
Sea Sponge
Black Felt
Red Ribbon Scrap
Tacky Glue
Silicone or Silicone Glue
White Vinegar
Fine Liner paint brush

How to:

Clean the jar and all sections of the lid, with full strength white vinegar and allow to dry.

Using metal snips cut a small piece from the corner of the flat lid section (approximately 1 centimeter) that is large enough to
accommodate your light cord. The cut edges will be quite sharp and a small amount of silicone or silicone glue applied to the
edges will prevent damage to your light cord. Using black metal paint, paint the exterior of both lid sections.  Allow the paint to

From black felt, cut a circle measuring approximately 14 centimeters.  It is not necessary to cut a perfect circle. From the
center of your circle, cut another circle that is approximately 1 centimeter, smaller than your jar lid.  As you pull the felt over
the jar, the felt will stretch slightly.

Dip a small sea sponge into white paint and with a gentle patting motion, apply paint to the entire outside surface of the jar.  

Allow the paint to dry 48 hours and then bake at 165F for 10 minutes.  Allow the jar to cool completely, inside the oven. It is
important to heat set the paint in order to prevent damage to the sponge effect, when painting the facial details.

Using the pattern as a guide, paint the entire eye area white (be sure to paint an area of the jar that has no raised lettering
or imprint), add blue paint on top of the white as shown in the shaded area of the pattern and add black paint (Black metal
paint can be used for the facial details) to the bottom center of the eye.  By layering the paint colours, you will eliminate any
transparent areas around the eyes when your jar is illuminated. Finally, with black paint, outline all of the eye area, add
detailing to the eyes, and paint the nose and mouth.

Mix together equal amounts of red and white paint, colour the cheek area pink and then with your sea sponge, gently pat on a
little white paint over the cheek area just painted.  This creates a softer effect. It's a good idea to paint the face, with the lights
inserted inside the jar.  Your snowman will look very different once illuminated.

Once again, heat set your paint as you did previously, allowing your jar to cool in the oven.  Insert the strand of lights and
close the lid, leaving the plug extending out through the cut you made in the lid.  Pull your felt circle over the lid, leaving a
little felt resting against the rim, glue a small piece of red ribbon around the center circle of the felt.
Snowman A Glo
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