DIY - Snowman Display with Fresh Evergreens

Water proof container of choice [I used a ceramic dish]
Oasis [floral foam for fresh flowers]
Winter Greenery of choice [I love red and scotch pine, dogwood and juniper]
Pinecones [I used 3]
Embellishments of choice [I used a single Christmas Pick inserted at the front center]
Cutters for branches
Ceramic Snowman ornament of choice

How to:

Decorating for the winter months is not only fun, it's inexpensive and adds a wonderful scent to your home. This project is very
easy and no floral arranging skill is required. Winter greenery, such as red or scotch pine, juniper, dogwood, spruce or any
other evergreen is perfect for this project. I also used lavender and rosemary sprigs for this project.

Fill your container with Oasis and soak thoroughly with water. Place your ornament in the center of the oasis [pressing down
very gently to secure your ornament in place. Begin cutting branches to fit. You don't need to arrange them in any particular
order, but I prefer having the fuller branches, like red pine, scotch pine, etc. along the lower area of the arrangement and up
the back center area. Refer to the photo for placement ideas. I like to begin with the lower or outside layers first and then fill
the center. It really is easy... give it a try.

Insert the greenery around the ornament, filling any little holes with small pieces of branches that would otherwise be wasted.
You don't need a lot of greenery for this project and if you have evergreens in your garden, you can probably accumulate
enough to make this project, without purchasing any from a garden center. Or, perhaps you have a friendly neighbour that
wouldn't mind if you clipped a few pieces from their trees. I love these arrangements and they last for several weeks. Be sure
to keep them well watered. Evergreens drink a lot!
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Snowman Display Centerpiece
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