• As a teenager, I was just learning to sew by hand and thought that hemming a skirt would be fairly easy. So I measured,
    cut, and sewed the hem. The hem was even and the stitches were perfect. I was quite proud of my job until I tried the skirt
    on and discovered that I had sewn the entire hem up on the outside of the skirt! I was so disgusted that I threw the skirt
    away and never tried to sew anything by hand again. - Judy

  • I wanted to make a Halloween tree.  My plan was to paint a gnarled, dead branch black, and embed it in a cute, painted
    Plaster of Paris pumpkin. I got a BIG pumpkin mold, mixed up a whole bucket of plaster, and set about it.  When it was dry,
    it looked great - but I could barely lift it.  A bucket of plaster must weigh 30 pounds. The crash was tremendous when I
    managed to get it to the dumpster and drop it in. - Scott

  • It was close to holiday season and I was rushed to get it done time, (prior to Christmas.)  My son’s spoiled Lhasa was
    staying with me (since I had spoiled him, I couldn't very well complain about it.)   I was painting furiously to get gifts
    finished.  The Lhasa launched himself and managed to step in my painting.  He ran all over the place perhaps trying to rid
    his paw pads of the sticky green paint.  I chased him and finally managed to capture the "painted sprinter", scoop him up
    and wash the paint off his feet.  After that I did get the paint off most of what he'd trod on, in his race. Unfortunately an
    antique quilt my Mom made by hand... has borne the marks ever since.   At first it really upset me... some of the materials
    had come from left-overs from Mom making our clothes in the 1940's & '50's.  The materials were unusual and every stitch
    was by hand.  However, I got over myself and since the Lhasa is long gone... the little green paw prints remind me of a
    delightful but naughty little dog... which we all loved. They also remind me to watch what I'm doing with sticky stuff... that
    might not wash off... or out. - Ann "Handicrafts seem to breed incidents"

  • I made an adorable baby outfit for a friend of mine that had a cute little kitty face on the front. That one came out fine, a
    few months later there was another baby coming along in my family, so I decided to make the same outfit. It was a sweater
    and pants set. I made the sweater and remembering how to finish off the collar, I didn't bother looking at the pattern.
    Unfortunately I also didn't check to see where the kitty face was positioned. So I made the collar, sewed everything
    together, worked in all the ends, and yes, you guessed it, the kitty face was on the back. I have to admit I left it that way,
    because it still was cute. - No Name

  • I am an avid snowman collector.  A few years ago I had just finished decorating the entire house for Christmas, including
    the bathroom.  But I thought that it needed something extra.  That evening...late into the evening around 1 a.m., I got this
    crazy idea to paint snowmen on a new unused black shower curtain that I had.  I worked on it for hours and it was so
    beautiful.  The snowmen were lined up perfectly, and each one was different.  I was so proud, and so tired by the time that
    I got it done, I just wanted to hang it up and hit the hay.  So that I did!!  Come the next morning my hubby is the first to use
    the bathroom and comes out letting me know that he noticed I painted snowmen on the curtain.  "Yep, isn't it cute?", I
    asked.  " I just came up with the idea out of nowhere, and painted that thing until about 4 in the morning. Real nice honey"
    he said "but why are the snowmen standing on their heads?"...lol figure! - Colette

  • I work with a lot of natural materials for my crafts and have come to put them in the freezer for a few days after collecting
    them to kill off any bugs that may be on or in them.  I had been busy the week before teaching my first craft class,
    however, and didn't grab one of the materials (dried weeds) till I was on my way to class.  Soon after starting to teach the
    class, and demonstrating how to make the craft, I noticed bugs in the materials I had just collected.  First a few spiders,
    then some small bugs that I had never seen before.  I looked closely at one of the branches and it was covered!  I had to
    try to keep teaching the class, kill the bugs, and try not to make a fuss about it!  Never again.  I'll pick the materials well in
    advance and make sure they are bug free! - Charlene

  • Sewing a clown costume for a church fair, I was efficiently sewing, when I swung in my swivel chair towards the ironing
    board [ergonomically placed of course]. I unknowingly stepped on the foot controller, while removing the suit from the
    sewing machine. I heard this grinding noise and the sewing machine " Binding Up ". When I turned to see why the machine
    made the sound, I saw my pinky finger under the presser foot. I pulled the pinky out, but with it came the lower portion of
    the sewing machine needle! I had sewn through my pinky finger. I tried to pull it out, but it was stuck!!! My husband even
    tried, it wouldn't budge!! I went to the ER and had an X-Ray and found it had gone through the bone and fractured the tip
    of the pinky. Needless to say, it required an orthopaedic surgeon to remove it. Once returning from the ER with a numb
    finger with a numbing block, I figured what the heck, it's numb anyway, so I completed the clown costume in record time for
    the next day’s event. ( Ps. I am a nurse and how embarrassing to come to the ER where I work with a needle through my
    finger.) - Lainie

  • I was working on a fabulous sewing project and was so excited about the seeing the end result. However, supper needed
    to be prepared. I hurried to prepare a quick pasta dish and rushed back and forth between the kitchen and sewing room. I
    love those pin cushions that slip around your wrist like a bracelet and mine was now full to capacity. I ran to the kitchen to
    give the pasta a final stir when my wrist and the stir spoon touched each other ever so gently, but just enough to loosen a
    straight pin that dropped into the boiling pasta. Luckily, I caught this before serving supper, but perhaps I may have not
    been quite so lucky if not paying attention! - Susan

  • I've made a tradition of knitting a baby garment for each grandchild that came along. When my youngest daughter was
    pregnant with her third child, I decided to knit a one-piece coverall sweater with mittens and feet attached. (Here I need to
    tell you that each time I've made a sweater set, the booties have always knit up too large. So my kids have always made a
    joke that my booties would fit the babies until they're 21). I was really enthusiastic over this one-piece outfit, and worked
    diligently for months. I was very careful to follow directions exactly. When I finished the knitting and it came time to sew it
    up, I was excited and couldn't wait to admire my handiwork. I finished tucking in the last stray ends, and held it up to get
    the full view. Oh no! I had knitted the feet on backwards! I cracked up, it was the funniest thing. I couldn't rip it out yet, I
    had to show it to my daughters. They laughed so hard they cried. Needless to say, I ripped out the feet and put a regular
    ribbing on the legs instead of feet. This is one I'll never live down. - Mary

  • This isn't so much a dumb crafter, as a just, " I had no idea what would happen if..."  I cross-stitched my nephew a birth
    announcement, which took several months to complete, and a complimenting border out of plastic canvas & yarn.  I just
    knew it would be beautiful once framed.  Well, I made the mistake of taking my cross-stitched project to a dry cleaners.  
    Oh, was that BIG mistake!!!!  It shrunk!  It shrunk, and what is more, my border would no longer fit proportionately.  I cried,
    and I cried.  Never, never again have I taken a cross-stitched project to the dry cleaners.  There is just far too much love &
    effort that goes into the work to leave it in the hands of someone who may or may not give a hoot.  Not to mention...Your
    work will shrink!  Ultimately, I had to make another border for his birth announcement.  It did frame beautifully, but much
    smaller than the original.  Sigh. -  Cheri

  • I was just learning embroidery. I had decorated a pair of jeans with lyrics written in Sharpie, and pins, and paints, and as
    an afterthought, I decided to stitch a band's logo on the back pocket. I was just finishing it off, when I went to put my hand
    in the pocket to check it... you guessed it! I had sewn the pocket completely shut. - Kaiti

  • I love painting and drinking tea.  So often when painting, I don’t look where I dip the paintbrush and then wonder why my
    tea has green, red and orange paint floating on top.  I now try to keep the tea to my left and my water jug to my right. -

  • If I may, I'd like to tell you of something my mother did.  She loved to embroider but hated making French knots, so I always
    made them for her when I lived at home.  My husband and I were stationed in Spain and I received a package from her
    containing a tablecloth which had hundreds of daisies, each one containing about 6 French knots.  I cried over that until I
    noticed the one strange little flower that she had embroidered in a corner.  She had been sitting up every night to finish all
    those knots and couldn't resist smoking...sure enough an ash fell and made a little hole that she had to cover.  That was a
    really special birthday to me and I always smile when I see that little flower. - Joan

  • Back when I was in my 20's [there had to be some DUMB reason I did this, right?], I decided to try and do something with
    our family room carpet. It had acquired the wear and tear and stains from toddlers and pets and was light in colour. At the
    time I was "into" dying everything around, the curtains, blankets, tablecloths, clothes, etc. and just happened to have some
    packages of burgundy colour RIT available... yeah, you guessed it. I got out a bucket of water, mixed the dye and went
    over the entire carpet. It looked beautiful! I couldn't believe it! Why don't more people do this, I thought. It dried nicely and
    I was so proud to have come up with such a bright idea! Until I started to see footprints popping up in rooms all over the
    house... burgundy ones... OH NO!!! I realized that any time anyone had even remotely wet feet or shoes in the family room
    and wandered off elsewhere, their footprints followed. We ended up having tip rip out the carpet. We replace it with a
    beautiful deep burgundy/wine coloured carpet [the real stuff]. Every time the poem "Footprint in the sand" comes up, I
    think of footprints all over the house. - Lynn

  • I was 12 years old, using a hot iron for a craft project I was working on. The door bell rang, so I placed the iron face down
    on the white counter top, not thinking what would happen. Needless to say, an imprint remained on the counter for 5
    years, until my parents got sick of people asking what happened. - Audra

  • About 10 years ago in the wee hours of the night, I was up painting for orders that had to be done yesterday. I was sitting
    on my living room floor working on a large bench. I needed to get up, stretch my legs and grab a cup of coffee. I came
    back, sat down and could not find my palette. It was right there when I left, I had no reason to move it, couldn't remember
    taking it to the kitchen, so I drank about half of my coffee, trying to backtrack in my mind, where it could have gone. I
    decided to go back into the kitchen, just to check if I had absently carried it with me and as I stood, it fell off the right cheek
    of my bottom! Sure was glad my family was in bed sleeping and didn't see what I had done or heard me giggle. I have
    come a long way since then and now use a stay-wet palette... I always know where that is! - Painter

  • I'm sure [at least I hope] that I am not the only one that has ever done this. When I first began sewing well, I was sewing an
    outfit for my daughter and I was going along really well. Needless to say without knowing it, I ended up sewing my shirt that
    I was wearing onto the outfit I was making. When I stood, I saw that they were attached and just started to laugh... -Sherrie

  • When I was 18, my boyfriend [now husband of 10 years] asked me to the Marine Corps Ball. I purchased a simple long
    black dress at a thrift shop and decided to dress it up. I thought I would bead the dress. I added beaded loops at the
    bottom and around the neck line of the dress. I spent months beading. Once at the ball, I told people that I had made my
    own dress. I guess I used the wrong thread, because all the loops started breaking. The women had heels and the men
    dress shoes. There were beads all over the polished wood floor. When people began falling like flies on the dance floor,
    we decided to leave. It certainly taught me humility because, I never brag about anything I make anymore!! - The Great
    Bead Mistake!

  • A long time ago, in a rented house, I was on a stepladder stencilling a border on my freshly painted walls.  I put the last
    little touch on and stepped down to admire the results.  I stepped right in the roller pan of paint, it flipped over, I freaked
    out and jumped back, my right foot landing in the open gallon of paint.  The paint rolled out of the can, past my stencil
    supplies and down the cold air return where it stayed forever because I couldn't figure out how to clean it up and was too
    ashamed to ask anyone.  I threw out the room size rug (where I got the inspiration for the border) and cried for days.  It
    seems funny now, but back then, I was mortified! - Stephanie did this!

  • While stencilling my bathroom walls, I opened the toilet lid (I figured, if it was open I wouldn't stand on the toilet lid and
    break it) and placed plastic wrap over the bowl, just in case I had a little accident with my paint.  Well, I forgot to take the
    wrap off.  It's easy to miss, cause you just can't see it. Well... Hubby didn't see it either! - Susan

  • I put much effort into wrapping a wonderful gift for my mother in law, it was magnificent!  Forgot to put the gift inside the
    box!  It was her 65th birthday, with over 50 people watching as she opened an empty box. No.., I didn't forget the gift tag!
    -  Sue

  • After writing names on white felt, with glittery fabric paint and cutting them out, I prepared to glue them onto giant
    stockings.  The hot glue was ready, I even had an accomplice.  We were happily gluing away, when I noticed one wasn't
    right, so I tried to reposition while the glue was still tacky.  MISTAKE!  Hot glue all over my hand! EEEEEYOW!  My poor
    little hand was burned badly in 4 places.  Fortunately, I knew a little about first aid and didn't have to run to the faucet (the
    bathroom was right behind me), under cold water for a while, and then wet paper towels for the rest of the night.  BIG
    BLISTERS.  BIG Mistake... WARNING!  Be careful when using hot glue!  The stuff will melt you if you're not careful! - Mae
  • A tip from Susan:  Keep a bowl of ice close by the hot glue gun!  Experienced glue gun users still need it, all the time!

  • I placed the mitten I was knitting on the floor, then I got up to answer the phone.  When I returned... you guessed it, I
    stepped on the knitting needle and drove one of the needles into my foot.  The most embarrassing part, was explaining to
    my high school gym teacher, why I couldn't participate in class that week! - Kat

  • I was having a hard time getting the glue to hold on one of my "projects".  I went out and got the strongest plastic glue I
    could find.  The directions said hold the pieces together for ten minutes till the glue sets.  I applied the glue, held it tight
    and walked into the family room.  I sat down on the sofa with one foot tucked under me and after ten minutes, I stood up
    and fell flat on my face with the sofa cushion on top of me.  Apparently, while I was walking into the family room, the glue
    had dripped on my sock and I had glued my foot to the couch.  My four teenagers are still laughing! Kay

  • I was young and got grounded for a while and thought I would paint designs on my walls.  So I used tons of colour and
    made very pretty stars, suns and moons all over the ceiling, a big goofy peace sign on the door and swirlys every which
    way.  Getting carried away, I wanted to paint my name in a giant rainbow, using all the colours that I had.  Red, orange,
    yellow, green teal, blue, purple and pink.  Eight colours in all, my name only has seven letters.  So, it looked like
    "Shannon" for years.  My parent punishment for the vandalism of my room, was the embarrassment of miss-spelling my
    own name! Shannon

  • ok well I guess I will give in and tell my dumb crafting accident....I was 8 months pregnant with twins and decided to pant
    the wood floor with a farm scene to match his walls the floor was going to be the ground of a fields complete with pond...
    well I get it all traced and get all the paints I need...and I had a craving for milos tea so had a big cup of that also...after
    about 2 hrs of painting the floor looked great I was so proud.....well the tea was gone and being pregnant with the tumbling
    2....you can guess I had to get to the bathroom fast....but to my horror I had painted my self into the back of the room....no
    way out except through my painting. Keshia

  • My family and I travelled a lot this summer and during our long drives, I took advantage of the time and worked on my
    cross stitch blanket.  I did a strand of thread and lifted up the blanket to admire the work.  Much to my dismay, I cross
    stitched it to my pant leg.  With much sadness, I removed the stitches and started all over again. Kat

  • I was just getting into wood crafts and I made several switch plate covers... Intricate painting on these things, very minute
    details.  I finished the one I was making for my Mom and was about to spray it with clear coat.  Imagine my horror when I
    realized that I had picked up a can of spray paint instead of the clear coat varnish! Daffy

  • I was using Crazy Glue to glue some of my crafts.  The first time, my husband had to pull the wooden cow off my head,
    then while making supper and crafting, I has some glue on my finger and when I tasted the sauce with my finger... I didn't
    enjoy the sauce nor did I use the glue again! Kelli

  • I was going to make poppers as a Christmas Favor for the kids, in my son's first grade class.  I ordered several small
    erasers and kept tons of toilet paper rolls in the same sack as the erasers.  When it came time, I had saved so many toilet
    paper rolls, that I took the rolls I needed and threw out the sack.  Away went all the cute little erasers! Kidosmom

  • One year I was house-sitting for the whole of December, so I had lots of time to prepare for Christmas and decided I was
    going to sew all my own gifts.  For my nieces, I was going to make patchwork hobby horses.  I got a large plain backing
    sheet and started to crazy-patch my heart out... some of the materials frayed rather a lot, so I went over the top and used
    the machine's embroidery stitches, with coloured thread to cover it up.  Then I made myself a pattern and cut out six half-
    heads.  All well and good, until I came to pin them together... all six faced in the same direction! Kati

  • I was nine and sick in bed.  While embroidering a dresser scarf, I went to pick up and move it... I had embroidered it to the
    bedspread!  I think my mom must have cut it off, 'cause I didn't. Marie

  • Back in the 50's, when wallpaper was popular, I decided to take on the project of wallpapering my kitchen, wall to wall.  I
    bought the wallpaper, a nice simple ivy print.  My neighbour liked it so well she asked me to help paper her kitchen with the
    same paper.  When her kitchen was finished, we stood back and admired it.  Something looked different and we were
    puzzled.  When I arrived home, I was shocked to realize that MY wallpaper was upside down! Arizona Bunny

  • One time I was decoupaging onto plaster ovals which were mounted on wood, I had to do a lot of them and I had them all
    spread out on the table as I gave them their coats of Elmer's glue I was cooking dinner at the same time and 2 of my kids
    ages 2&3 were under my feet (I was young and foolish, instead of waiting for them to go to sleep) anyhow, I stirred the
    spaghetti sauce with my glue filled brush instead of the wooden spoon. Since Elmer's is non toxic I kept my mouth shut and
    we all had dinner. My Italian husband never noticed a thing, but it was a long time before I fessed up. Cat

  • When I first married I wanted to make everyone in my husband's family a craft and bake cookies too.  My painted jars
    turned out pretty good, but I forgot that the buckeye balls I made had wax in them.  I poured the left over batter down the
    drain.  For Christmas that first year I got new pipes!  LOTS OF THEM!  Now I can laugh about LOL (Don't ever pour wax
    down the drain!). Shirl IN Ohio

  • Spent hours doing a 60's type design with one of those permanent paint pens.  Really psychedelic/retro.  Then I decided
    to stain over it and the oil based stain totally dissolved the paint pen! Karen

  • I was embroidering a pillowcase and when almost finished with one case, I unhooked the embroidery hoop to discover that
    I had sewn through both sides of the case.  Of course it could not be opened... I tried!  I was younger then and laughed!  
    I'm a tad older, I probably would cry and throw the whole thing in the dumpster! Betty Jean

  • Spent almost 3 days, practically non stop, making a beautiful wall hanging of a dimensional pineapple.  Hand quilted in
    grid fashion the entire thing.  Used my new "Quiltack" basting gun to hold the whole thing together during the quilting.  Left
    all the tacks in, even while binding the hanging.  When cutting off one of the last few tacks, I cut a hole right in the top of
    the wall hanging.  Now it sports an embroidered area containing my initials and the date (to cover the hole)! Dewzy

  • You know those cans of compressed air that you use to blast lint out of sewing machines, sergers, etc? Let's just say that
    you should never use that stuff around a lighted candle! Mellisa

  • The dumbest sort of craft thing I did was I took my wall border and cut out roses and pasted them to my toilet and toilet
    seat. They looked great so I thought I would put mod podge over them for a finish. Well imagine my surprise when I used
    gesso thinking it was like mod podge. Needless to say I had to toss that seat and get a new one and do it right. Your page
    looks great. Good luck with it. Lois

  • I'm a completely self taught sewer, and had to figure a lot of things out on my own. The first time I ever put a zipper into a
    jumpsuit, I followed the instructions, letter by letter. I had a lot of difficulties and had to remove and replace stitches many
    times, but eventually it was in and I was quite proud of my new garment. Then I put it on only to discover that the zipper
    pull was on the inside. I was so frustrated and so didn't want to do it over again that I decided I would just keep it that way.
    Pulling up a jumper zipper that is inside out is only a minor difficulty, but pulling down the zipper was almost impossible.
    Needless to say after one time of wearing the jumper, and realizing that it took me almost a half an hour to dress and
    undress in order to go to the bathroom, it gritted my teeth and took out the zipper. Wendy

  • A few years ago while working on wooden Santas that had arms attached with hinges, you know the kind with the small
    screws.  I had an awful time getting the screws started and holding things, I was using just a conventional screw driver.  
    After saying more than my prayers while working on this project, my 12 year old son said "why don't you use the cordless
    screw driver".  Needless to say, it didn't take long to finish them, he lent me a hand and they were together in no time. Too
    embarrassed to say

  • I was so proud of the sign I made for my daughter's surprise 30th birthday party held at the beach house we rent each
    year. I'd spent hours, rubber stamping [using stamps I'd made myself] and cutting out the letters. I hung the sign from the
    porch for all to see. The party was almost over when someone finally noticed the misspelling... [SUPRISE] how
    embarrassing! I haven't lived it down yet. Mary Jane from Staten Island, NY
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